The Friday that changed my life

We all want to achieve success – what ever that is – right? I know for sure that I can. The moment it came true to me was on a Friday.

The day before – a Thursday of course – I was sitting at my desk at around 10:20pm after I got done with my work and just finished my plan for Friday. There was a lot of work to do and no possibility to go to sleep late because I had some plans with friends. I shook my head and asked myself how I would get up at 3:50am the next morning.  I thought to myself, I could at least wear something that looks awesome, so I prepared my outfit for the following day.

There was it. That boost, that energy flowing through my veins, my eyes wide open, I would check the clock – 3:40am. What an amazing feeling this is! But what could it be? I asked myself. I had this picture in my head, it was me in a bold, clean and stunning outfit – it was the one I prepared the night before.

Long story short, I killed the day. I had energy, was observant, got a lot of nice looks and had a feeling of an incredible confidence – which others felt.

This is what I want to create for you, it is one of the the reasons I’ve founded BENJAMINWIRZ.

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