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The doorbell rings.

Immediately your mind jumps to when you saw me the last time.

It was when we took measurements for your brand new suit, you’re excited.

You open the door, we greet each other. You see that I’m holding something in my hand, it is a beautiful navy-blue suit bag from BENJAMINWIRZ.

I zip it open. You can feel the anticipation getting bigger and bigger. I take out the suit.

You can see the beautiful fabric with the lining inside.

It looks truly beautiful.

Quickly you take it and go to put it on.

You put on the jacket and the pants, while doing so, you check out the lining and the beautiful fabric again. You finally got it on and immediately you can feel – THIS fits perfectly.

You close the top button. Almost no space in between the lining and your body – just enough for you to know, that it is exactly right.

You step out and I see you. Immediately I get a  smile across my face. Now you smile too because you know why I just smiled like that. You look into the mirror, you smile even more.

The Suit-Jacket




Single or Double




The Trousers

Belt Loops


The Upgrades

The Vest


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