How we work


The first step is to initiate contact with us.

You  can do this here if it’s according to a product or here if you just have a question.

2. meeting

The number of meetings will be according to the product you choose.

The first meeting will be done via Skype or in person. During the meeting, we go deep into the details of your new garment. No matter if jacket, pants, shirt or overcoat, every little detail will be discussed so we can make sure to fit your needs in every way.

3. fitting

After several quality – and measurement – controls, we have the fitting.

This is the part, where you can look into the mirror, wearing your new BENJAMINWIRZ product. Usually, the garment fits after the first fitting and there is no need for adjustments. Should there be the need for adjustments we of course arrange them as fast as possible.

4. Enjoy