Two years ago, I decided to start this business. 

Yes. Two years are a long time. In this time I figured out how to take everything I ever wanted in a fashion-label from 12-20 years old and put it together. 

And then put in even more. 

You want a nice, sleek and perfect fitting suit that looks awesome and is perfection in itself?

No problem – I got you.

You want a suit – or jacket or overcoat for that matter – nobody else on this planet has? And I really mean – NOBODY OTHER THAN YOU. 

You want a master-piece, something to truly remember, something that stands out and will turn heads in awe and excitement everywhere you go?

No problem – I got you.

You want piece of mind when you wake up in the morning because even if you are a little late, you won’t care because the moment you open up that closet of yours you don’t overthink – you just want to take what you want and put it on within 10 seconds and be done with it? Do you want that peace of mind?

No problem – I got you.

You want to wear t-shirts and jeans that fit, feel good and look even better? 

No problem – I got you.

You might even want to have your own little collection with t-shirts you helped to design and is your perfect t-shirt for every situation?

What do you think my answer to that is going to be?


No problem – I got you.

With this, I welcome you to the place, where legends are dressed and smiles are made.