Explore what‘s possible, the BENJAMINWIRZ way

Silver, Gold or Carbon – every card is personalized and made out of metal. With it come nice benefits, special offers and – if you win – nice prices. Due to it’s benefits which require a lot of work, the cards are highly limited. The more members BENJAMINWIRZ has, the bigger will the prizes be.

If you order it before the first of August, you get 20% off of the prices you see on this page. Also – if you order it before August it is a pre-order. You will be signed in and will profit from the moment you purchase and receive the confirmation E-Mail with all the needed information which you will within 24 hours.

Limited to 250

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Initiation year: 299.00 CHF

Anualy: 249.00 CHF

Value: 800.00+ CHF


  • 5% off of your ready-to-wear items
  • 1 shirt
  • 1 t-shirt
  • 10% off of 2 suits
  • 1 BENJAMINWIRZ analysis
Limited to 125

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Initiation year: 649.00 CHF

Anualy: 499.00 CHF

 Value: 2’100.00+ CHF


  • 10% off of your ready-to-wear items
  • 2 shirts
  • 2 t-shirts
  • 15% off of 4 suits
  • 2 BENJAMINWIRZ analysis
  • 2 Night-Out – or one weekend away voucher
Limited to 50

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Initiation year: 11’990.00+ CHF

Anualy: 9’990.00+ CHF

 Value: 15’000.00+ CHF


Individually customized to your wants and needs – it could look like this.

  • Your own private collection consisting of 5 pieces
  • 35 percent off of your ready to wear items