One of a kind

The First Meeting

After you initiated contact with us using the contact-form, we will call you or send you an e-mail to set up an appointment at the place of your preference. After this, we will meet up to find out the key points of your special garment. If you order more than one, we even can create your own collection of pieces, that fit you like a second skin and bring out your personality. The first meeting will approximately take 2 hours. In the end, we set another appointment.

The Concept

When the first meeting is done, I go to my office and start to design different pieces, using the key-points and ideas, we have discussed before.

After we’ve found out in what direction we are heading, I will write a concept in which I bring my thoughts to paper. I do this to tell you again about everything we do in your garment. It is a part of our service and it is about 1 1/2 – 3 pages long.

The Second Meeting

In the second meeting, we take measurements according to the design we’ve found for you and discuss the final details.

The Final Meeting

I will reach out to set up the third meeting as soon as the garment is done and it has passed all the required quality checks. Then we will have a fitting.

In the best case, it fits perfectly during the first fitting. If it doesn’t we will make arrangements to change things to your (and our) satisfaction.

Price: 2’999 CHF and up.