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QDM is about a team of kids – and a 23 year old young man who wanted to start a business. Not any business – a great business.

He got the opportunity to coach a basketball team of a 6th grade class for an upcoming tournament.

 Long story short – the team went ALL IN and they WON.

QDM is about training in the rain while the team that crushed you in the game before is eating hotdogs in the comforting warmth – so you can crush them in the finals and win the tournament.

QDM is about not quitting.

QDM is about not making excuses.

QDM is about doing the right thing.

QDM is about doing what is necessary.

QDM is about completing what you start.

No matter what.

Now finally:

The QDM collection is the young mans idea to show these kids – who went all in – that working hard for something can pay off in unexpected ways. And it is this young mans way of giving back to them.

Yes, you are reading the name of that young man in the top left corner.



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