About QDM

I got a Website – so let’s use it. 

Within 11 days teaching and training these kids, I learned more about myself than I did probably in the last 6 months.

QDM – I didn’t come up with that. 

But I came up with



Make it



Because I – Benjamin Wirz – am coming from the other side. 

From the quitters-side.

To this point, I quit too many things in life to be completely honest.

I simply choose to not accept that anymore.

These amazing kids helped me with that. Because we went all in. I did, they did and well, first place wasn’t bad either.

To thank them for their effort and to show my appreciation – and this is for every thing with QDM written on it – a part of what sells goes directly to them. This can be cash, this can be a trip to the cinema, this can be a trip to wherever it takes us. 

Thank you.