The - One Of A Kind - Concept

The concept is based on a meeting we have face to face or in a video call. During the meeting, we discuss your wish and with the help of specific questions we can analyze exactly what it is that you want. Based on the analysis, I will create a concept, tailored to your wants, needs and wishes. It is 3-5 pages long and includes 1 final sketch of a piece exclusive for you.

I will go deep in the points utilization, the basic idea, processing and design.

It will be written in English or in German.

The piece designed for you in the concept can be ordered right away, later or never.

If ordered, the price of the concept will be deducted from the price of the product.

*Until ordered, certain elements can be used for another – one of a kind – suit, or they can be protected with an additional payment of 200.-.

Price: 495 CHF