Clean Your Closet


I think, from the moment you open up your closet, it only should take you – depending on closet size – 4 to 12 seconds or less to grab what you are looking for.

Not to see it, not to remember where it is, but to hold it in your hand ready to put it on. As I sometimes struggle with being in a hurry myself, always being able to grab what you actually want and putting it on in less than 10 seconds really gives you peace of mind – that’s the reason I found CYC.

Yours sincerely,

Benjamin Wirz

With clean your closet, we move forward having one big goal in mind.

Organizing your closet to find everything within 5-12 seconds.

Sounds simple doesn’t it?

We are going to bring order into your closet by working with the following criteria.

  • Favorite garments
  • Color
  • Kind of garment
  • Frequency of wearing
  • Use of the garment

This will not only make you love the way your closet looks, but it will also:

  • Save time finding your garments
  • Give you peace of mind

How are we going to do it?

First, we meet to take a closer look at your closet and the garments I can fill your closet with.

Then, I will create a plan and an offer which I will present to you in a second meeting.

Price starts at: 269.-