Did you ever wonder about what you should wear when you go on a date, make a weekend trip, fly to London (for example), go to your best friends birthday party, go to your friends wedding and last but not least, oversleep on that one important day?

Then, OFEM – or “Outfits For Every Month” is the right solution for you.

Our team will analyze every garment (without underwear) in your closet, have a chat with you about your style, inspirations and needs, put your garments in a database and then put together a dossier for every month. In this dossier you will get a possible outfit for every day in the month according to your events, weather, season and trend.

To save paper, you will get the dossier per E-Mail 2 weeks in advance for the next month.

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(This offer is a subscription, which can be canceled any time in the first 2 weeks of the month.)